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Technical requirements

1. Available socket as close to the stage as possible. Connection can be 3x220V (each phase secured by at least 16A circuit breaker) or even better it can be 380V/32A connection with 5-pin or 4-drawer, while a permanent power is at least 7-8kW. The load on the network should not fluctuate more than the voltage of + -5% from the open circuit voltage when overloaded. Also make sure that the visitors won’t have any access to the electricity connection.

2. Access to the venue at least 4 hours before the show starts with the possibility to use safe parking place.

3. The stage must be at least 6x4m and (according to the dimension of the stage) have a platform for the drumer 2x2m. We also require covered and solid stage for the performance taking place outside with back and side walls against wind and rain. The minimal temperature in the stage area cannot be lower than 15° C.

4. There also must be resrved table for an engineer near to the dancefloor and place where we can safely put our PA system so there is no chance of its fall.

5. Reserved place for the band and secured refreshments during the show.

6. The organizing company must be insured to be able to secure safety and protection of the equipment at the venue



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